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Chapter Digital Product Management (DPM) is a unit under Telkom Indonesia with a vision to develop and nurture Digital Product Managers in Telkom Indonesia.

Product Development Phase

Digital product development processess by business owner and development team.

Find out more about Digital Product Development processes.

Step 1


Collaborating with research team to validate problems and finding possible solutions.

Step 2


Defining the product vision, value proposition, business model, and high-level product flow, to determine the development model.

Step 3


Determining the needs of the developed solution and provide feedback on product design.

Step 4


Collaborating with the development team to execute product development according to the plan.

Step 5


Makes the product available to users and comes up with a go-to-market strategy.

Step 6


Monitoring released products and collaborating with data team to conduct analysis based on data availability.



Our professional team works hard to fit your needs by integrating the latest technologies in your startups.


What PM in DPM say?

Let's hear our Product Manager experience stories working at Digital Product Manager.

Working as a PM in Telkom and Chapter DPM is so much fun and challenging! We can always develop our growth mindset. As long as we have the willingness to learn and adapt, there’s nothing we can’t conquer

Glenn Prasetya

Glenn Prasetya

Product Manager Smart Village Community

Working in an agile and empowering Telkom Group environment allows me and the team to explore ideas and experiment optimally in platform development. This is a constructive experience for us !

Fikram Salim Syawie

Fikram Salim Syawie

Product Manager Logee Order

Innovation and disruption will go hand in hand by themselves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way when the benefits are already clear

Irfan Nurdin Salman

Irfan Nurdin Salman

Product Manager Agree

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